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Palo Alto Medical Foundation -Honoring Dr. Bart Lally

Palo Alto Medical Foundation -Honoring Dr. Bart Lally

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In Memory of Dr. Bart Lally - Inspiring Future Generations of Physicians

“Dr. Lally always stood out as one of those unique physicians who intuitively understood the art and science of medicine.”

--Elizabeth Vilardo, M.D., CEO Sutter Bay Medical Foundation

We honor Dr. Bart Lally’s 5 decades of service to the PAMF community with a campaign to name the Mountain View campus in his memory. Dr. Lally inspired colleagues with his compassionate care and gifts in his honor will help to:

  • Enhance cancer care in the South Bay

Providing the most advanced technologies to detect and diagnose cancer at its earliest possible stage particularly in the area of breast, gastro-intestinal and prostate cancers, because early detection leads to the most successful treatments.

On the program side, this campaign supports the Interventional Pulmonary fellowship led by Dr. Ganesh Krishna. The regions only accredited program, Dr. Krishna leads Fellows in a rigorous clinical research program that includes multi-center and single-center trials of new therapeutic techniques.

  • Invest in clinical excellence

The Bart C. Lally, M.D. Care Center will be a reminder of the importance of high-quality patient care and the work of so many engaged individuals who are invested in the health and wellness of our community. A Chair position for the Department of Gastroenterology will ensure that PAMF and its physicians will continue to promote excellence in GI care.

  • Accelerate Digital Health tools and innovation

PAMF will continue to leverage the power of digital technology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver care that is faster and more seamless, more accessible and when possible more continuous to follow things like sleep, blood pressure, body weight and even mental health.


Shannon Brady
Executive Director


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